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Home Services Testimonials Contact & FAQ
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Existing Home Inspections

Seller / Pre-Listing Inspections

Give yourself leverage at the closing table and eliminate the headache of unwanted surprises when trying to sell your home. This inspection is ideal for any homeowner looking to sell their home quickly and for top dollar.

Having your home inspected before to putting it on the market is the best way to discover problems both big and small. This inspection allows for repairs or disclosure of the issues found in the Inspection Report.

We also know that sometimes homeowners are unable to take care of necessary repairs due to monetary limitations, time issues, and other problems. In these cases, the homeowner can disclose the needed repairs at the beginning of the process. By choosing this process, the home price based on this Disclosure can create a higher net selling price.

Buyer Inspection

For most people, a home will be the most expensive investment in their life. This inspection is critical to ensuring that you know exactly what’s in store for you when you finally decide to purchase a home. This inspection will reveal any issues to the buyer, and the buyer then chooses to proceed with the sale, counter offer, or in some cases back out of the deal.

The determining factor in the cost of an inspection is based on the age and size of the home. Companies which charge very low fees are associated with the fact that they do numerous inspections per day. With that in mind take a guess what the quality of the inspection will be? At Echota Home Inspections, we pride ourselves in the amount of care we put into each and every one of our inspections. When you choose to work with us, you can be assured that your Buyer Inspection will be detailed and complete. Make the right choice when it comes to your most expensive investment.

New Construction Inspection

Homeowners and property owners of newly constructed buildings can greatly benefit from a new construction inspection. Many people think that because a building has been newly constructed that it’s perfectly safe or up to code. This is often not the case. Even if a municipal inspector is required to check the home, municipal inspectors are looking for particular flaws and code violations. They don’t do a thorough inspection of the property like a private inspector would, and they’re only looking for particular things. There could be problems with a home that might not constitute a code violation, but could have some serious consequences later down the road. Don’t let this happen to you! Contact Echota Home Inspections today to get your new construction inspected properly and thoroughly!

Environment Inspections

Radon Gas Inspection

Radon is the number one cause of lung cancer among non-smokers, according to EPA estimates. Overall, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Radon is responsible for about 21,000 lung cancer deaths every year. About 2,900 of these deaths occur among people who have never smoked.

Echota Home Inspections uses Radalink Radon testing instruments that are state of the art in the industry. Our Radon testing instruments are intelligently designed to be fully programmable by the inspector however, the results are tamper proof and any movement of the machine will get documented by the equipment.

If you’re looking for accurate and affordable Radon testing services, please get in contact with Echota today!

Mold Testing

When someone calls me they think that they may have a unique mold problem and they don't know where to start. The first thing is we have to determine if you do indeed have a mold problem or water damage problem and then we can start from there. When it comes to mold testing we work with tenants, landlords, home sellers, home buyers, realtors, homeowners, and more. When you work with Echota Home Inspections, you’re working with a high-quality, certified Home Inspection service who cares about the shape of your home and the health of you and your family. Contact us today to learn more.

Asbestos Testing

If you have suspect materials in your home that you believe may contain asbestos, contact Echota Home Inspections for peace of mind. Thousands of Americans die each year from asbestos related diseases. Asbestos has been used for years in building materials, paper products, plastics, and other products. Exposure mainly occurs in indoor air where it may be released from these materials. Effects on the lung are a major health concern from asbestos, as chronic [long-term] exposure to asbestos in humans via inhalation can result in lung disease. If you have questions about Asbestos or want to learn more, please contact Echota Home Inspections today.

Other Services:

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